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the housechurch-project

"The Christians held together and were united in everything." (Acts 2:42)













Hi, our names are Mads and Elisabeth and we have taken the initiative for the Huskirke project in Valby.
In the summer of 2018 we came home to Valby after 4 years abroad. We have lived 3 years in Ecuador, as well as 1 year in North Carolina, where we have served in local Christian communities. Read more about us here.

A house church in Copenhagen

When we returned to Valby, we had a dream of starting a Christian community and a house church in Copenhagen, right in the middle of our own district, with people of all ages and from all cultures and backgrounds who want to seek God and follow Jesus . Mads and Elisabeth work on a daily basis as couple- and family therapists and help both Christians and non-Christians in their community. We meet with the house church project in our house in Valby, on Sunday. Our great passion is to follow Jesus with other disciples, and to teach other people about life in Him and in His strength, power, love and grace.

We seek to be a community that grows spiritually, both personally and together, and we strive for a lifestyle where we follow Jesus wherever we go, in all aspects of life and not just on Sundays. We seek a life where there is time for people in our lives. Time to meet, help, support, engage, immerse, serve, party, sing, worship and rejoice with people around us.



"Go forth and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19)

Although we love the idea of ​​a small community with great meaning and focus on relationships, we are also a community with great ambitions to bring God's message of love to many people in Copenhagen and Denmark. WE are part of a larger network of international church planters. read more HERE


No matter where you are from and what your story is, you will always be welcome with us.
In the first few months, people have come to our house church from countries such as: Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Iran, Kenya, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Romania, Rwanda, Sierra Lione, Sweden, UK, USA, and of course completely ordinary Danes ... and the list continues to grow.

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